Download KMSpico for Windows PC and Office Activator

KMSpico for windows and Office Activator: For activation of all Microsoft windows and office version, KMSpico is the best and latest activator. This activator can activate windows version that comes after Windows XP as well as all Microsoft office version that comes after office 2007. If you start using this activator, you need not worry anymore about activating windows or office. All activation process runs in the background. The only thing you need to do is just click on the activation and wait till the activation process of Windows or office completes.

KMSpico for windows and Office Activator

The latest version of KMSpico has some improvement to the activation process. This KMSpico can be used to activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016. This activation tool is considered as the most famous and trusted activation tool for activation of Windows all over the world. The first version of KMSpico was published in 2007 only for Windows 7 and Vista.

KMSpico for windows and Office Activator

KMSpico is so far one of the best activators that work so flexible. Use of this also does not cost much for users which is no doubt a great advantage. This activating tool contains many cool features that make it somehow unique from other tools.

KMSpico for windows and Office Activator

One of, the most impressive feature of this tool is you need not get any trial version to activate your Windows and Microsoft office. Now no need to depend on anybody for the activation of your Windows and Microsoft office.

Need of KMSpico Activator

Buying premium of Office and Windows costs a lot. But KMSpico does not ask for any cost for activation. It works totally free. This is the only activator that works from Windows 10 to Vista operating systems. Once this tool is installed, it will give notification that which program you need to activate. Simply click on the program that you want to activate and it will be activated. Below are some important points why we should need such an activator.

KMSpico for windows and Office Activator

  • It is less than 5 MB in size
  • It requires very small system resources
  • Gives 100 percent security
  • There is no danger of malware or viruses
  • No need of renewal. It offers you lifetime activation
  • Multiple language support

Features of KMSpico, activator for Windows and PCs

  • Like Microsoft, this is also genuine with the license. It comes with many format updates. Through online apps, updating of Windows is alos possible.
  • KMSpico gives lifetime activation. No need of installation after a certain point of time.
  • This activator gets updated frequently by its developer. So once you are using KMSpico, you need not worry about its expiry.
  • KMSpico supports both 32-bit and 64-bit of Microsoft Windows and Office.
  • This is totally secured tool to use. One need not worry about the viruses and threats. Because this tool is already detected from such viruses that may affect your device. KMSpico does not need an internet connection to work.
  • While activation Microsoft Windows or Office, you are getting the service absolutely free of costs. Because this is doing totally free now.

Steps to Install KMSpico, the Microsoft Windows, and Office Activator

Below is the step by step process to install KMSpico software.

KMSpico for windows and Office Activator

  • First of all turn off the firewall system as well as anti-virus. Don’t worry it is fully safe.
  • Now download the software
  • Once the download process is completed, open it with WinRAR
  • Now open the KMSpico.exe file to install it
  • Now start the activation process of your windows and office as per your choice
  • Soon the activation process completes, it will notify you
  • Now the software is ready to use


This article covered so beautifully about the importance of this software. This is one of the most needing software for the activation of windows system and Microsoft office. KMSpico has most updated as well as important features. So you can easily activate your Windows or Office by using KMSpico.

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