FRP Bypass APK Download for Android Mobile – Latest Version!

FRP Bypass APK download for Android mobile: Why someone needs FRP bypass? Well, FRP means Factory Reset Protection. The common, as well as the basic reason for the need of FRP, is to set Google Account. Also, there are many reasons for which we need FRP. Google provided a new feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) with the release of Android Lolipop 5.0. In order to protect user’s data, FRP is a new measure by Google. With this feature, someone can get his/her stolen phone back.

FRP Bypass APK download for Android mobile

Here is the best FRP bypass app for those who are locked out of their device. Once the device is reset, all the data will be erased that includes the device data also. FRP is active if the google account is on your phone.  so the user needs to unlock and use the phone with the google account credentials. But if the password is missed, then it may create trouble. But the Samsung FRP Bypass app can easily wipe phone’s data and unlock the account. This app is mostly used for Samsung, LG etc for unlocking purpose.

FRP Bypass APK download for Android mobile

FRP Bypass APK is of very less in size. So it can be downloaded within 2 seconds. Here are some details of this APK.

FRP Bypass APK download for Android mobile

Filename: FRP Bypass apk

App Size: 46 KB

File Type : application/

File extension: APK

Features of FRP Bypass APK

First, we should know how FRP works. In general, this feature is added to all Android device more or less. The user needs not to enable FRP manually, once user logs into his android device for the first time it gets enabled. But once FRP reset the device and tries to log in with another account it comes in to picture.

So this feature is very helpful if someone stoles your phone and try to wipe data from the phone. If you forgot the password, then FRP can be disabled. To disable FRP user need to follow some specific steps.

FRP Bypass APK download for Android mobile

First Settings > Accounts >  and then Google. Now tap on the google account that you want to remove from device. Now three dots will be visible on the right-hand side top corner. Clicking on that will show a new menu. From there choose to remove the account.

Now use your google account of your choice ans starts using the device with that account. With this, you will be successful in bypassing the FRP of the Android device.

Steps to Download FRP Bypass APK

To follow Bypass FRP you need to know some steps. Below are few steps following which you will be good to go.

FRP Bypass APK download for Android mobile

  • When FRP window comes, long press on @ button. Until a new window pops up keep pressing on that
  • Google Keyboard Settings will appear on the new pop up. Now tap on that.
  • From the top right corner, three dots will appear. From there select Help and Feedback option.
  • Now select any item that you need to copy. Now a web search icon will appear on the top of the window.
  • Now tap on that search icon that is visible over there and the write Setting on the search bar.
  • Now in the setting menu visit Developer Option and allow the OEM Unlocking.
  • Then restart your device. When it will reboot again it will ask to provide a new google account instead of FRP page


In this article, we share some methods to bypass FRP using FRP Bypass apk. So you can use these steps when you need to unlock your device. The more Bypass methods are available, more the developers trying to secure the Android system. So we can’t assure you that this same method will also work in future as technology is growing each and every day.

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